Peer Group

This is "in formation" at the moment. Here is a brief charter we've put together.

The need

The need is for a nurturing community where small business owners can share knowledge, experience, and wisdom, and can offer encouragement and support as it relates primarily to their business life. A peer group can provide more perspectives to each member in areas such as client relations, organization, project management, finances, personnel, etc. The belief is that our businesses will be stronger, more viable, and more profitable if we lend each other our unique strengths rather than adopt a competitive posture. The result of running our small businesses in community will very likely be more joy in our businesses and our lives.

Our businesses are, by definition, an act of faith in God, particularly in his goodness, his ability to provide for us, his promise to guide us, to give us wisdom, and to bless us . A peer group can serve to build each other's faith, remind us that our success is found in Christ, and to mature us in our understanding of how our businesses are expressions of ministry and worship.


  1. Problem solving—Sharing current business challenges and respectfully offering constructive feedback, suggestions and past experience.
  2. Encouragement—Taking time to intentionally name each other's strengths.
  3. Accountability—Consistently holding each other accountable to pursue our stated goals.
  4. Prayer—Agreeing that prayer is our best business plan. Praying for each other each time we meet.


  • 5–8 people
  • 2 leaders
  • meet once a month


  • members are running similarly-sized and structured businesses
  • members are followers of Jesus
  • attendance and commitment are a priority - 6 month commitment with 1 absence allowed per 6 months period
  • members agree to keep confidential the details shared
  • start the group with a six-month commitment
  • meet in private rather than public space (?)
  • group represents both male and female perspectives
  • profile potential members

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